The Sushi here is great, well priced and very fresh. I'm a big fan of their soft shelled crab and crispy chicken. Minmin and all the staff are always very friendly.
Jack Archbold
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Great place to grab a healthy lunch or dinner. Can get really busy so you have to be patient sometimes. Service is courteous and friendly and the food is always good.
Trish Nabarro
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The coffee here is surprisingly awesome! This is compared to some of the best cafes in town!
Liked: Value, Surprisingly great coffee!
Jim Dale
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“Best sushi in Brissy!” Try the crunchy chicken roll! I eat this at least once a week, so fresh and delicious! Nothing like the stale sushi every where else in Brisbane. Cooked on the spot if you order the specialty sushi.
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“Great food” A regular for us as it is just down the road. Sushi is always of top quality as it is made fresh after a certain time.
Stephen J
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Have heard whispers of this small cafe for a little while now - so just simply because I was passing I had to stop in and try something...
Sashimi - the title says it all and I have been partaking in sashimi for many years now . It will be hard to go somewhere else now
Soft shell crab - this stuff in legendary. The sauce that is drizzled over the top is amazing.  Loved the food and prices were decent.

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